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Personal payoffs: First things first, the PayPal app covers the basics. After signing into your account, type the email address where you want to send or request money, or just choose someone from your contacts. Enter the amount of cash, add a note, and send the transaction on its way. The app also lets you review your PayPal account history and withdraw money to your bank account.


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Mobile money: The app’s Tools screen makes it easy to collect for a tab when you’re out with friends. Tap Bump Phones when you’re with a someone who’s also signed into the PayPal app; “bump” phones to transfer a payment directly to or from their account. The Split Check and Collect Money features give you a calculator to figure out who owes what, then sends a payment request to everyone in the group.

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Version: 2.0.31
Website: PayPal

PayPal’s been the defacto leader in personal payments since the last century, providing easy infrastructure for regular folks to sling money back and forth through the interwebs. The app does all the stuff you’d expect it to do, sending and requesting money as you would on the PayPal website, but it also adds several nifty tools for when you’re on the go, like splitting a bill when you’re out with friends. Especially clever: “Bump” phones with a chum to send money straight to their account.

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I find Paypal iPhone application very useful..The updated version added more features which i missed in earlier one..
Highly recommended for Paypal users

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