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Who you gonna call? Global SOS uses your iPhone’s GPS to detect your current country and lists the local emergency numbers in a sleekly elegant display. Just tap to make the call. If you’re not sure where to send the fire engines, tap the area with the country name and flag to display your current address and, hey why not, your latitude and longitude, too.


Global SOS Screenshot

Options: Hike over to your iPhone’s Settings app to customize Global SOS’s display. If you turn off the auto-location feature, you can manually select which of the app’s 200+ countries to display. You can also add one personal number (hotel, embassy, mom’s cell, whatever) to appear in the app no matter where you might wander.

Global SOS
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Global SOS

Version: 1.1
Website: Azero

OK, Mister Fancy Cosmopolitan Jetsetter, would you know how to call the cops in Tangiers? An ambulance in Calcutta? The fire department in Athens? This simple and elegant little app tells you the emergency numbers in whatever country you might find yourself, a smart reference to tuck away if travel has you crossing international borders. Just tap the number to launch the phone app and place the call. (Sorry, from there, you’re on your own with the local language.)

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You might also want to downdload an Iphone app calle BEER NUMBER for when you are running low on brain cells. The app will help you select brew.

I bought the app. Very cool. Thank's for the advice!

Nice one... does it work against a zulu atack in Zimbawe ? :)

Impressive graphics! Simple, smart, clean and solid.. ;)

Great app! It is really handy and usefull! cool idea too! ;)

Very nice design and smooth app.
You never know when you get into trouble!

Must have!

Nice app - and on the same sorts of lines, but for the more serious outdoor types, check out the new SAS Survival Guide - camping basics but also serious techniques on how to survive anything nature throws at you, from polar to desert. As well as 400 text pages, it also includes video, image galleries on wild food, morse code transmitter (with SOS preset) sun compass (if out of GPS range) Quiz (to make sure the knowledge sinks in) Kit Checklist (to make sure you have everything you need).

I've update Global SOS to 1.5.
Now with a GPS Maps.

This one is really useful for backpackers and a traveler like me! Usually before I go outside another countries airport I make sure to have their emergency hotline number noted.

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