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Big and small: Write full-screen in red ink, and the results are shown in black, with your current editing area etched with a dotted line. Move the box with arrow buttons, or use the app’s auto-advance feature. There are detailed instructions, and it takes a little practice, but it soon becomes second nature.

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Note Cards: Each note is a graphic about the size of an index card. In addition to these “ink pages,” you can add more traditional typed notes, too. Mark some notes as favorites, tag them into categories, and share via email when you’re done. The interface could be prettier, but the note-taking concept is novel and effective.

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Note Taker
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Note Taker

Version: 2.0.0
Website: Software Garden

If thumb typing doesn’t feel right for quick notes, try finger doodling. Note Taker lets you scrawl full-screen with your finger, and the app automatically shrinks your writing to fit lots of text onscreen at once. A blue box outlines the part of the “paper” you’re writing in, a clever way to let fat fingers write small letters. Each note is a graphics file—sorry, no handwriting recognition here—that you can share via email, or combine in a PDF.

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UYH gold is the best app for notes,
Easier to read, organize, I have note taker but removed it after using UYH

Agreed with the previous poster. I tried notetaker, fastfinger and a couple other apps and found Uyh (use your handwriting) gold to be the only usable one. Notetaker is ugly, counterintuitive and slow.

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