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Carnage countdown: In the game’s “challenge mode,” you race a timer to get as many ducks to shore as you can. Every saved duck earns extra time on the countdown—and speeds your enemies, too, while lily pads and boulders shift on the surface to slow you down. Throughout, the mellow soundtrack of zen chimes cuts any anxiety you might feel watching the fox reduce hapless ducklings into red puddles of, um, blood. (No pixels were harmed in the coding of this game.)


Fox vs Duck Screenshot

It’s a duck’s life: Survival mode gives you five lives, and your job is to get as many ducks out of the water before losing all your lives. Power-ups sprinkled on the water earn you extra ducks. Both survival and challenge modes tally the number of ducks saved and killed, letting you share and compare your stats with friends via the OpenFeint score network. The OpenFeint system notes your milestone achievements, too (50 ducks saved!).

Fox vs Duck
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Fox vs Duck

Version: 1.04

In this gorgeous game of stylish, minimalist graphics, you preside over what must be the most lethal duck pond ever. Your little white ball—er, duck—floats in the pond, flanked by a hungry fox and chased by a voracious carp, both with a taste for fine-feathered friends. Tilt to steer the duck safely to shore and dodge this predator pair. With every five ducks saved, you advance a level, bumping up the speed of both fox and fish. A challenging diversion with deceptively simple concept.

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