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Tasty images: Swipe through photos on the Find screen, sorting offerings by nearest, most recent, or top-rated; a map view is also available via the globe icon at top right. Tap the Spot icon to submit your own food photo, along with a brief review of the dish (requires a free account). With an account, you can also create and share your own “guide,” a scavenger hunt for your favorite area foods; tap Guides to launch a food-finding mission.


Foodspotting Screenshot

Sightings: Tap a photo from the Find screen to see all photos and reviews of that specific dish from that particular restaurant. Tap “Want it” to bookmark the tidbit for your gustatory to-do list, or for dishes you already know, tap “Nom it” to nominate it as a fab food. Tap the “i” icon at top right for restaurant details. Or, if you want to explore similar foods, tap the More icon to see other dishes from the same place, or the same dish at other restaurants.

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Version: 1.3.1

If you’ve got an eye for food and an appetite for photos, Foodspotting offers a fun way to discover what’s on nearby tables. The app is powered by Foodspotting’s community of food photographers who share snaps of their meals, a novel way to surface popular (or beautiful or wacky) offerings from local restaurants. Flip through photos of the closest, latest, or top-rated entrees, or search for a specific dish (“chicken and waffles”) to see users’ recommendations and photos.

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