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Green power: The game’s adventure mode offers 50 levels, each earning a new type of forceful foliage. Collect sunshine to plant new seedlings, and weather challenges like the setting sun and heavy fog. If the zombies overrun your house, it’s game over; turns out zombies are crummy house guests.

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Choose your weapon: As you make your way through the game, you encounter new types of zombies (26 in all) with specialized skills, including pole-vaulters and “zomboni” drivers. As your leafy arsenal expands, you can choose the types of plants best matched to each level’s undead army.

Plants vs Zombies Screenshot

Plants vs Zombies
Top Pick

Plants vs Zombies

Version: 1.0
Website: PopCap Games

Get off my lawn, you damn zombies. That’s the gist of this shambling, brain-eating, and hilarious adaptation of the popular PC game. As a mad-scientist gardener, your job is to use plants as weapons to defend your house against the horde, deploying pea shooters, cherry bombs, zombie-eating plants, and 46 other varieties to stem (uproot? mulch? hedge?) the invasion. Great music, clever humor, and lasting gameplay make this game a standout in the App Store’s crowded category of tower-defense games.

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I found this list of the top 10 iPhones apps - I agree with nearly all of them! Especially PvZ - thoughts people?

I personally prefer Angry Bird much more! haha

oven bake also one of my favorite man


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