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Easy Reader: Like the built-in iPod app, you can shuttle through a book by dragging the progress-bar control, but Bookmark also provides more fine-grained control. The yellow forward/back button lets you jump in increments of 30 seconds or one, five, 15, or 30 minutes. When you go back to an earlier part of the book, you can quickly return by tapping More and then “Jump to latest time.” Tap Notes to jot notes about the book, or tap Bookmark to mark the current spot for later review.


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Save my place: When you tap Bookmark on the main screen, the app automatically titles it something like “Bookmark #3,” but it lets you add a more descriptive title, along with a note about the particular passage. Tap Bookmarks at the top right to review your bookmarks and jump directly to any of those passages in the book. You can also email your bookmarks as a text list of running times and descriptions to keep or share a written journal of your audio-book travels.

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For all their convenience, audio books make for slippery reads. Shuttling back to find your place in the narration is a hassle after distractions intrude, and going back to find that one fascinating passage is a maddening hunt in the audio haystack. Bookmark soothes these headaches by providing dead-simple navigation and bookmarking for audio books. The app works with audio books you’ve synced from iTunes, so it plays nice with books from outfits like Audible and Librivox.

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I prefer Audio Footnote ( because it lets me record voice notes and works with podcasts. But I might be a bit biased as the developer;-)

This app really rocks. it is pretty easy to go back to the end point of last reading. Thanks for sharing this great app.

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