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At your service: Siri’s home screen lists all the services the app can help you with, including restaurant tips and reservations, movie tickets, live events, nearby businesses, taxi service, flight info, weather, and more. Tap a category to specify all the details of your request, or cut straight to it by tapping “Say it!” and speaking right into your iPhone. (If you prefer to keep quiet, you can also type your request directly into the text field at lower left.)


Siri Assistant Screenshot

Say the word: Siri’s speech recognition is snappy, accurate, and flexible in its understanding of casual English. From “Get me Red Sox tickets” to “What comedy movies are playing?” to “I need a taxi at 5pm,” Siri can understand and handle a wide range of requests. After you speak your request, Siri shows the text on screen; tap Go, and Siri chases down the info for you.


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The goods: Siri converts your request into a query for one of the many services it uses. Here, a request for “the best movies playing this week” returns the local movies with the highest ratings at the Rotten Tomatoes movie site. Tap a movie for theater details and tickets. (If you were looking for tickets to a specific movie, you could’ve simply said “I want tickets to Shutter Island tonight.”)

Siri Assistant
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Siri Assistant

Version: 1.0
Website: Siri

“Ask and you shall receive” is Siri’s premise—an app that understands your spoken-word requests for dinner reservations, movie and concert tickets, taxis, weather info, restaurant tips, and more. For example, ask “Where’s the best sushi restaurant near here?” and Siri rolls up a list of highly rated restos. It’s speedy and remarkably helpful, but with a caveat: Siri relies on third-party services like Yelp, OpenTable, Taxi Magic, and others, so it works best in big cities with lots of participating or reviewed businesses. (Works only in the US and requires iPhone 3GS.)

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