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Ask away: After you sign up for a free account, put your questions to Aardvark—or, more specifically, to the Aardvark users who have signed up to answer questions related to the topic category you select, including cooking, technology, cars, pets, and so on. If you’re looking for location-specific advice (what restaurant has the best mole sauce in St. Louis), Aardvark will steer the question to locals. Answers typically start popping up within minutes.


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You're the expert: When you’re not asking questions, share your considerable wisdom. Flip through unanswered questions in the Answer tab, and share your two cents, or if you’re stumped, refer a question to other knowledgeable Aardvark user or ask the app to let you know when someone answers it. Aardvark will contact you directly to pose questions based on topics you select. You can choose how often you want Aardvark to do this, from “all the time” to once a week.

Aardvark Mobile
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Aardvark Mobile

Version: 2.0
Website: Aardvark

Everyone’s an expert. That’s the idea behind Aardvark, an online service that fields questions on any subject, routing them to real, live people (including you) who have volunteered to offer answers on topics near and dear. The app lets you field and ask questions on the go, sending you an alert when you’ve received an answer, usually within minutes after asking. From career advice to cooking help to tech support to travel tips, Aardvark is a nifty place to go for opinions that can’t easily be found with just-the-facts Google searches.

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