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Commentary and news: The app’s main screen features the official White House blog, offering commentary about White House political programs as well as lighter human-interest fare. The newsroom tab meanwhile offers more policy-oriented press releases and news items. Tap Video to watch YouTube videos of press conferences, the president’s weekly address, and more. The app also streams live events like the state of the union address.


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Candid camera: The app offers a selection of daily behind-the-scenes photos taken by White House photographers. It’s a fascinating mix of images, most of them not at all political, giving a glimpse of how the White House ticks. From cleaning staff to foreign dignitaries to caterers to the president in repose, the images give a surprisingly intimate impression of day-to-day operations at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The White House
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The White House

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The White House’s official app plugs politicos into the raw feed from the White House communications crew, featuring blog posts, press releases, photos, videos, and live video from The app predictably has a hefty share of political spin, but there’s undeniable value in finding the unmediated views of the Oval Office in one place. Whatever your politics, the app provides an efficient way to see what the president is peddling.

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Who would want this? We get a lot of bull from this place on a daily basis anyway!!!

You would be surprised what sort of apps people are into!! Did you know theres a program for making your own apps now that requires no skills so imagine what sort of trash we are going to see in the app store!

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