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The dotted line: To sign a document, scroll to the page to sign, and tap Insert to get a full-screen canvas for your John Hancock. As you scrawl your signature with your finger, the screen slowly scrolls, a clever addition that means you don’t have to worry about remaining space. When you’re done, Zosh inserts the signature, as shown here. Tap to move, resize, rotate, or delete. You can also insert text or add a date. When you’re done, tap Transmit to email the signed document as a PDF.


Zosh Screenshot

Just my type: Zosh lets you choose from four colors of inks for your text and signatures. Tap the Font tab to choose your typeface.

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Version: 1.0
Website: ABJK NewCo

Ah, the joys of the document-signature hokey pokey. You know the dance steps: receive electronic document, print it, sign it, fax it. So much for the paperless office. Zosh cuts out the print-and-fax routine, letting you sign, edit, and return documents right on your iPhone. Forward the document to sign to via email, and the app downloads it to your iPhone, where you can sign it, date it, or fill out forms. When you’re done, Zosh emails the signed document as a PDF. Signed, sealed, delivered.

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