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Members only: CardStar comes with info for over 500 commercial chains in the US, Canada, Australia, and UK. Just choose a merchant, enter your membership number, and CardStar adds the “card” to your collection. When you need your number, just tap the merchant’s name for a scannable card view, shown here. The app also has a separate advanced mode for entering card info for outfits it doesn’t yet know about.


CardStar Screenshot

Merchant info: Tap the Info screen for any merchant to get phone and webpage details. The app includes a store locator for many of the big retailers, handy for finding an outlet to cash in on your member discounts. CardStar says it plans to add discounts and coupons in the very near future. As of the reviewed version, however, the Deals screen shows only a “coming soon” message.

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Version: 2.0
Website: CardStar

At last, a remedy for the card-carrying consumer. CardStar eases bursting wallets and overloaded keychains by relieving them of all those cards you haul around for memberships, discounts, frequent flyer clubs, grocery stores, and more. Stow your card numbers in CardStar, and the app displays scannable barcodes for each one. It works well at most cash registers: Just flash your iPhone at surprised cashiers to let them scan your “card.”

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