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Gotta go: Settle into your seat, choose your film, and start the timer to tell RunPee to alert you when a bathroom break arrives. The detail screen for each film lists a handful of okay-to-miss scenes, sorted by start time and showing how long each scene lasts. The app includes only current-run films, and lets you sort by title or release date.


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What did I miss? When you run pee at one of the selected scenes, the app gives you a recap of what’s happening onscreen. Settle back into your seat without missing a beat. Not all of the scenes are dogs—especially for the best films. Some have been picked just because they’re easily explained, with the logic being that even if you miss a great scene, you’ll know what you missed.

RunPee Mobile
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RunPee Mobile

Version: 1.1.1

If your enthusiasm for cinema is bigger than your bladder, RunPee helps you get relief without missing crucial movie moments. For current films, this font of golden advice lists scenes when it’s safe to leave your seat. Set the timer when the movie starts, and the app vibrates (iPhone only) to tell you when a slow—or at least easily recapped— scene is about to start. The scenes are selected by fellow moviegoers at, a wiki-pee-dia of missable film scenes.

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