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Photo strips: Wink mails 2" x 6" photo strips with your choice of three, four, or five photos (tap Templates to choose your layout). The app starts you off with a strip of empty boxes, and you tap each box to pick a photo from your iPhone, Facebook account, or Flickr photo stream. To resize or rotate a photo, tap the photo and drag the handle at the right of the photo’s circle, shown here, until you’ve cropped the image just how you want it.


Wink Screenshot

Mail it: Send your photos as is, or choose from one of three color effects: black and white, sepia, or vivid. When you’re ready, tap Send and choose where to mail your photo strip, anywhere in the world by snail mail for $2.50 each. Pick addresses from your iPhone contacts, or type them manually. If you don’t know your friend’s physical address, plug in an email address, and Wink will follow up to ask your chum for a mailing address.

Wink by Shutterfly
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Version: 1.1
Website: Wink by Shutterfly

Wink revisits the old-school photo booth. You remember: You and your pals pile into a tiny box to seal your mugs on a printed photo strip. Wink delivers photos in the same nostalgic format but spares you the close quarters. The app lets you print and mail honest-to-god paper photo strips from your iPhone. Pick photos from your camera roll or pluck them from your Facebook or Flickr account, and for $2.50, the postman delivers your retro photo strip a few days later.

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