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Day by day: The Days screen lists all the days you’ve added one or more entries. “Moments,” noted in orange, are notes you’ve entered privately in the app. “Social moments” are entries from your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or streams. Add a new moment by tapping the icon at top right. You can rate your day on a five-star scale, and give your notes context by attaching contacts, photos, locations, or tags. Icons at right indicate the various content you’ve added to each day.


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On a personal note: When you tap a day from the Days or Calendar screen, Momento shows you all the day’s moments, including any attached content like photo, people, or places. The app shows gorgeous but elegant attention to detail, including the subtle binding detail at the left edge of this detail screen.

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Version: 1.0.2

A diary on your iPhone? Hey, why not: Most of us pretty much keep our whole lives on our favorite gadget anyway. If your contacts, calendar, correspondence, to-do lists, and notes find a place, why not some brief musings about your day, too? Momento is a sleek diary for capturing quick observations, notes, and photos—call it a micro-journal, like tweeting to yourself. The app can also pull in Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and feeds so that no matter where you share your status, Momento captures your daily thoughts.

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Awesome, functional, and very aesthetically pleasing. My only complaint; and in order to be competitive, is it needs landscape mode. But otherwise, very well put together app!

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