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Bands with buzz: Noteworthy’s main screen shows a rundown of the bands you want to check out. When a friend recommends an artist, tap the + icon to add the band to your list, and the app gives you a search box. Type the name of the band, and Noteworthy looks ’em up in the vast music database, along with the names of all the band’s albums and songs.


Noteworthy Screenshot

Tracking tracks: Take note of individual albums or songs from the artist’s detail screen. Tap the Albums or Tracks button to browse all of the band’s published work, and check off items that interest you. Noteworthy also grabs the band’s bio so you have the whole backstory if you want more info. Tap the list of similar artists to add other bands from the same musical circle.

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Version: 2.1
Roy Kolak

If you’re always stumbling across new music and just as quickly forgetting what it was, let this app be your music memory. Type in the name of the artist you want to remember, and the app fetches the band’s albums and tracks, letting you tap any specific albums or songs that have caught your attention. Noteworthy makes a great pair with Shazam or Midomi to help you remember the bands and music you want to explore later.

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