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In the mood: Nudge the sliders at the top of the screen to mix the mood. From left to right, you can adjust levels of sensuality, tenderness, joy, aggression, and tempo. After each adjustment, Moodagent spins out a new playlist for your listening pleasure. You can save playlists for later, too, but only in Moodagent; the app doesn’t share its playlists with the built-in iPod app.


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Seed track: Instead of shuffling sliders, you can build a playlist based on a single track in your iPhone music library. Pick a song as your “seed track,” and Moodagent uses the mood profile of that song to build your playlist. It’s these mood profiles that make the whole thing work. Moodagent has a huge storehouse of song profiles online. When you first load the app, it gathers the profiles for all the songs in your library, using that info to assemble playlists.

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Version: 1.0.1
Website: Moodagent

Tune into your mood, and put some mood into your tunes. Moodagent builds playlists from tracks on your iPhone, selecting music based on mood criteria you select. Turn up the joy and turn down the aggression, for example, to get a happy-go-lucky mix. It’s an improved—and emotionally attuned—version of the iTunes genius feature. Like genius, Moodagent can also build playlists based on specific songs, matching tunes with the same inner spirit.

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Ambient music pioneer Steve Roach and I just wrapped up a collaboration on an iPhone App called Immersion Station. I'll place the description below and would be happy to supply images or a promo code for the app.


Eric (yet another O'Reilly author ;) )

Steve Roach is one of the very great artists of ambient atmospheric music. Also, take a listen to Max Corbacho, similar to Steve Roach, but with his distinctive personal touch. Anything from him, Ars Lucis, The Talisman, BreathStream, etc, is a pure gem. Visit the followin link where you can listen to most of the tracks as MP3 samples :

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