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Car Journal: Gas Cubby is a diary for your car. Every time you service your ride or feed it gas, add an entry with the details. Track as many cars as you wish; Gas Cubby keeps their records separate for you. Online syncing lets you share entries with another device (so your spouse can update your car’s info, too). As you stack up entries, flip Gas Cubby into landscape view to chart fuel efficiency and expenses for your cars.


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Vital stats: Gas Cubby stores all of your car’s basic info for quick reference. Tell it how often you want to schedule service for anything from brake checks to filter changes, or rely on the app’s sensible set of standard intervals for these. After the prescribed amount of time or miles have gone by, Gas Cubby alerts you that it’s time to take the car in for service.

Gas Cubby
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Gas Cubby

Version: 2.1
Website: App Cubby

Gas Cubby garages all of your car’s details in a single convenient place to track expenses, maintenance schedule, and gas mileage. Once you’ve entered a car’s info, graph it to keep an eye on overall fuel efficiency, costs, and more. Go full-service by tracking each and every gas-station fill-up, or just enter maintenance checkups to let Gas Cubby remind you when it’s time to change the oil, rotate your tires, or even get new windshield wipers.

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That is a great way of keeping an accurate control of how much your car actually costs. I'be got a feeling it's going to be a lot more than I actually think!

found this excellent iphone app on
how to do basic car maintenance.

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