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Colorful language: The game concept is simple but well executed with gorgeous graphics and realistic physics (tilt your iPhone to shift and settle your stack of bubbles). Tap out a word and hit the green check button to burst the letters you’ve used. Clear each level by earning a minimum number of points. WordCrasher starts you off slowly, giving you breathing room to find long words (“bedazzled”!), but within a few levels, the pace has you scrambling to find “cat.”


WordCrasher Screenshot

Glass half full: A second “flood panic” game fills your screen with a rising tide, floating the baseline gradually to the top of the screen. This effectively gives you a time limit to clear each level, making it crucial to come up with high-scoring words instead of limping along with three-letter duds. In both games, special white bubbles offer relief. Buy time by tapping the clock bubble to stop the rain of new letters temporarily. The burst bubble is your panic button, bursting a bunch of bubbles at once.

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Version: 1.02

Scrabble collides with Tetris in WordCrasher, a colorful and fast-paced game for spelling speed demons. As letters tumble from the top of the screen, clear them by tapping out words to make room for more. Your vocabulary has to keep up with the rain of letters; the game ends if the buttons reach the top of the screen. Share and compare high scores with your pals, and earn extra points for longer words and tougher letters (go Q, X, and Z!).

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So addictive,not a games person but can't put it down

FastMall version 2.0 for iPhone is just released today. Features shake your iphone for the nearest bathroom, turn by turn guidance inside the mall without using GPS, remember where you parked, video reviews, a full community of activity and a ton more.

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