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Green means go: Stoplight color-coding makes for easy scanning of your region’s seafood listing. The app underscores the differences in harvest methods, recommending farm-grown clams, for example, over those hauled in from the sea. Tap an entry for more options, or tap the magnifying glass to search, great for looking up fish by regional nicknames (icefish instead of Chilean seabass, for example).


Seafood Watch Screenshot

On the scales: The detail screen for an entry dishes the details about the fish, how it’s caught, and the environmental impact of the fishing industry for that species. For fish rated “Avoid,” Seafood Watch gives precise details about how and where it’s been overfished.

Seafood Watch
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Seafood Watch

Version: 2.0.1
Website: Monterey Bay Aquarium

This handy reference for environmentally minded diners waves you away from overfished seafood, as well as fish caught through reckless methods that sacrifice sea turtles, dolphins, or birds. The app’s seafood guide recommends fish to enjoy or avoid in your region, and a second guide for sushi helpfully lists seafood by both their Japanese and common names. The app’s listings are easy to scan, making it a cinch to eat green and protect the deep blue.

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You dont know how hard it is to find Sea Bass

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