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Stair Dismount Screenshot

Them’s the breaks: Rack up points as your dummy racks up pain. Icons flash along the side to show accumulated broken bones and concussions. Pause the action to snap a photo, which you can share on Facebook, send via email, or save to your photo roll. The instant replay feature lets you watch the tumble again. And again. And again.


Stair Dismount Screenshot

Take position: Before letting your dummy have it, reposition the camera by swiping across the screen. Tap and drag the dummy to set the position and angle of your shove. When you’re ready, tap the Dismount button to send your little friend flying. The power indicator shows the force of your push, so you can choose whether to hurtle the dummy down the stairs or just give him a tickle.

Stair Dismount
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Stair Dismount

Version: 1.1.0
Website: Secret Exit

Work out your not-so-passive aggression on a hapless crash-test dummy in this marvel of harmless 3D cruelty. Pick one of six staircases, and your dummy takes position at the top. Choose the spot on your victim’s body to shove, position your camera angle, and then let ’er rip. The dummy tumbles down the stairs to soothing string music, bones crunching along the way. Add a photo to your dummy’s face to give your boss, congressman, or kitten a kick down the stairs, if that’s your thing.

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