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Here I Am: Send a glympse by SMS or email by choosing one or more people from your iPhone contacts, or send a glympse to all your Twitter followers at once. You choose when the glympse expires, giving your friends access to your location for a limited time. You can also add a message (“Meet me in the East Village,” “Stuck in traffic,” “Crashing a White House dinner,” whatever) and the destination where you’re headed.


Glympse Screenshot

Glympsed: The app sends glympses as web links to be viewed in any browser, where your friends can see your speed, location, and direction. You can also view glympses in the Glympse app itself, as shown here. The pulsing satellite icon indicates when you’re broadcasting your location. Alas, Glympse can broadcast only while the app is open; tap the lock icon to lock the screen and keep the app running.

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Version: 1.01
Website: Glympse

Social-networking apps like Loopt, Gowalla, and Foursquare shout your location willy-nilly to the whole world, but Glympse offers a focused alternative. The app lets you share your location privately with one or more friends for a brief window of time, a “glympse.” There’s no network to join: Choose a contact, and they get a text (US only) or email with a link to view your location, no special software required. It’s super-handy for sharing your ETA when you’re late for a meeting or heading home from work, or if you’re herding your pals for a meetup.

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SMS messages as to your location don't work in this application outside the USA

In other words it's useless down under...

Ok i have to admit i have a android phone and my wife has a windows phone. She just dropped me off at work because the public transportation here is still a little messed up due to the snow storm we received. Before she left to go back home i asked her if she still had Glympse on her phone which she replied yes. long story short on her way home i saw that she made a wrong turn and immediately called here to tell she going the wrong way and i was able to lead her in the correct direction since i could see her movements. i will say there was at a 1 block delay but you overcome that. Without Glympse she would have been lost in the city at 1:00am in the morning. This moment only proved this a moment have app for anyone. I'm a loving husband and i approve this message and app.

Glympse is a nice app, but I think you will find Snikkr (for iPhone, Web and BlackBerry) will give you all the features of Glympse (which is similar to Snikkr's TrackMe feature), and much much more.

Glympse and Snikkr are good, but I came across GeoDexia ( a cool product that completly protect my personal information and shares them on need-to-know basis. They have it only for Android, don't know when they will announce one for iPhone.

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