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Robot clipboard: When you open Pastebot, it automatically grabs whatever text or image you last copied to your iPhone clipboard. Tap a saved clipping and, with a satisfying click and whir, the app copies it to the clipboard, where you can paste the content into another app. Tap the big arrow to edit or format the selection. Especially cool: A free desktop app for Macs lets you instantly sling content back and forth with your computer.


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Organize: Pastebot’s clipboard stores up to 99 items, but you can save an unlimited number of clippings in your own custom folders. Move items to a folder from the Pastebot clipboard, or add them directly by typing text or plucking an image from the photo library or camera. It’s a handy way to organize iPhone wallpaper images, quick notes, or—perhaps especially—templates for frequent email or SMS messages.


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Image editing: The detail screen for an image clipping offers several tools and filters to change its look: Crop the picture, rotate it, add a sepia effect, make it black-and-white, and so on. This wildly useful addition makes it a snap to make changes to a captured image before slingshotting it elsewhere. Save the new image to your photo library, email it to a friend, or like any Pastebot clipping, copy it to another app.


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Text filters: Tap a text snippet to edit the text or choose a filter to make the text uppercase, work with HTML, even find and replace. As with image filters, these text features make Pastebot a useful way station for tweaking clippings before using them in another app. In addition to copying, Pastebot lets you send a text clipping as email or use it as a search term to search via Google.

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Version: 1.0
Website: Tapbots

From the makers of Weightbot and Convertbot, Pastebot is a stylish, all-purpose scratchpad, scrapbook, and formatting mill for favorite or frequently used text and images. The app’s retro-industrial interface gives you a giant clipboard to collect, edit, and share content with other apps (and, for Mac users, with your computer). Copy an image or text from another app, then launch Pastebot to save the copied item automatically to its 99-item clipboard. To use a clipping later, tap the item to copy it to the iPhone clipboard, then paste into another app. It’s a convenient (and hydraulic!) hub for sharing text and images among apps.

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I did try PasteBot but it didn't work for me as I had a PC. Then I found clipprinter so I could transfer to my PC. It can also transfer to other iphones via bluetooth and print as well.
I think clipprinter needs a mention for people who don't have macs, and for printing.

Pastebot is cool, but there are new kid on the block called myPhoneDesktop
I prefer it to Pastebot simply because myPhoneDesktop can do more (data support, data handling, integration with other apps like LaunchBar:, etc.) but whats extremely important for me is that myPhoneDesktop is multi-platform + web-client + bookmarklet + system-wide shortcuts. My secretary using myPhoneDesktop to send me important info from my office at no cost and haste with email or limitations of SMS... There are so many uses for myPhoneDesktop that it would be tough to list them in this comments. Would be cool if you can review it on your site.

Mike - try myPhoneDesktop

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