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Picture this: The hand-drawn style of the app’s pictures give it a traditional schoolbook sensibility. When a new picture appears, the grade-school narrators say the pictured object aloud, an effective vocabulary builder. Tap the picture to flip the card over and view the word’s alphabet soup of letters.


Spelling Soup Screenshot

Alphabet soup: The letters of the word are scattered across the surface of the screen’s tomato soup. Your child drags each letter into it proper order. Every few words, the game instead challenges your kid to guide bouncing letters into the slots by tilting the phone back and forth. In both game modes, the app speaks each letter’s name when it lands in the correct slot, while misplaced letters bounce back into the soup. When the word is complete, the app says the word, spells it out loud, and says the word again.

Spelling Soup
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Spelling Soup

Version: 1.0
Website: Software Moderna HK

Spelling Soup adds a warming spoonful of adorability to flash-card learning. Illustrated with picture-book-quality drawings and narrated by two chirpy English girls, the game asks kids to spell words by unscrambling a soup of letters. The app is stocked with three- to five-letter words tuned for preschoolers and kindergartners learning to read and spell, but older kids find it fun, too. The app includes dozens of words and illustrations for your child to slurp up.

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