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Potent potables:

The Browse screen organizes drinks like your iPhone contacts, letting you browse alphabetically or search by name or ingredient. Every drink shows a silhouette of the proper glass to use for serving, along with a brief list of the contents. You can also browse drinks by base liquor, drink type, flavor (anise, apple, and apricot!), or tag category.</p>


Cocktails+ Screenshot

Cocktail historian: Tap a cocktail to see its recipe. Many classic cocktails have several recipes, each dated and footnoted with its original source. As you go back in time, the recipe page yellows and ages, like this 1930 gem for the Manhattan cocktail. Tap an ingredient for background info and substitution suggestions if you don’t have an element on hand. Tap the star icon to save the cocktail to your favorites list for future reference.

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Version: 1.6.2

This carefully crafted encyclopedia of liquid wisdom provides recipes for over 2000 classic and contemporary cocktails. Other cocktail apps might provide more recipes, but Cocktails+ gets the nod for its evident attention to the selection of potions, even providing multiple recipes that track the history of some drinks back into the 19th century. Whether you’re a master mixologist or a cocktail dilettante, this is your behind-the-bar handbook.

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