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Proper punctuation: Symbols and punctuation are useful decorative elements in Type Drawing’s doodles. You can change the text and font for your drawing whenever you like, letting you ink different regions in a message or a completely different style.


Type Drawing Screenshot

Sketchy ideas: The app practically demands crafty wordplay. Draw a glass with the words “half full,” sketch clouds of nines, or make a ship of “fools.” Scrawl your punnery on the backdrop of your choice. The app comes with a pair of grungy paper sheets—white or yellow—as well as blank backgrounds, but you can also use a photo, letting you stencil your type onto any scene.

Type Drawing
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Type Drawing

Version: 1.2.1
Website: Hansol Huh

These pictures are worth a thousand words—or at least several letters. Type Drawing is a novel drawing program for scrawling pictures with a stream of type. Type the word or phrase you want to use as your “brush,” choose a typeface, and then draw on the screen with your finger. In the standard settings, you get small text when you move your finger slowly and larger type as you go faster. For precise control, you can choose a specific size, changing font and weight for different elements of your drawing. It’s a simple concept well executed, and creating these wordplay art installations quickly becomes addictive.

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