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Share and share alike: Copy an image or text in another app and, when you launch Swap It, you see the contents of your clipboard (or “pasteboard” in iPhone lingo). This is what you’ll share when you connect to another Swap It user. If you don’t want to share your clipboard (maybe you just want to receive info from someone else), you can clear your clipboard by tapping the Local Pasteboard Options button. That button also lets you load a photo from your photo library.


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Get connected: When both you and your swap buddy tap the “Connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch” button, the app shows available devices in bluetooth range. Choose one, and your friend is invited to connect. When he or she accepts the connection, Swap It does its switcheroo, sending your clipboard to the other phone, and vice versa.


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New clipboard: Swap It doesn’t immediately replace your old clipboard contents. The app first shows the cargo the other iPhone or iPod Touch shipped over — here, a Web address. If you like what you see, tap Override Local Pasteboard to accept the delivery. You can also work with the beamed content directly: Swap It is clever about recognizing phone numbers and URLs. Tap a URL to launch Safari, or tap a phone number to make the call.

Swap It
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Swap It

Version: 1.0.0

Your chunky Palm Pilot of yesteryear might seem quaint now, but it could still do something your iPhone can’t: Beam info straight over to a neighboring PDA. Swap It gives you a nifty approximation, letting you exchange clipboards — text, photos, URLs, phone numbers, Web clippings — with another iPhone or iPod Touch. Copy content to your clipboard, fire up Swap It, and it exchanges clipboard contents with your pal via Bluetooth, no cell or WiFi network required.

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