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Looks like rain: Umbrella uses stylish, understated graphics to tell you whether you should grab an umbrella when you’re heading out. The app’s standard settings show the umbrella forecast for your current location, but you can check for any location you like. Umbrella keeps you dry in over 7 million locations around the world.


Umbrella Screenshot

Weather warning: Umbrella’s settings let you request a notification when the forecast looks damp. Choose a time of day to receive your umbrella warning, and the app pops up a reminder at the appointed hour. You’ll get these notifications even when the app isn’t running, so Umbrella has you covered even when you haven’t given the day’s weather a thought.

Umbrella - The simplest weather forecast
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Version: 1.0.1
Website: 7sols

Many of the very best iPhone apps are also the simplest, and it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Umbrella answers the question, Do I need an umbrella today? This bottom-line forecast is accompanied by brief temperature and precipitation details. Cute as this is, Umbrella proves its real value when it’s not even running: The app sends an alert when rain is forecast. It’s like having your mom call to remind you to wear your galoshes.

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Very reliable and accurate compared to two others currently available in the app store.

Highly recommended.

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