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Tricorder TR-580 Screenshot

Signs of intelligent life? Your tricorder “detects” geological phenomena, metallic objects, and biological lifeforms–either nearby with its internal sensors (press “I”) or around the galaxy with your ship’s long-range sensors (press “E” for external). The F1/F2 button swaps between sensor mode and data mode, displaying starship schematics, for example. Tapping the Library button displays info from Wikipedia and elsewhere.


Tricorder TR-580 Screenshot

Tracking mode: When you enable the app’s tracking features, you can see the location of other nearby Tricorder TR-580 users (and they can see you, too). Tapping the Transmission button toggles between a text view of your location details and a radar-like scan of your proximity to other, um, Federation crew members. The app can also show your location via Google Maps (Earth locations only).

Tricorder TR-580
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Tricorder TR-580

Version: 3.2
Website: SchoSoft

O’Reilly stalwart James Turner wondered aloud this week if the sensor-laden iPhone might be Tricorder 1.0, a reference to the storied Star Trek scanner. Wonder no more: This app turns your iPhone into an ersatz tricorder, complete with long-range sensors, communicator, and a library of data about Borg spheres, dilithium, and Federation personnel. The meticulous sound effects will delight Trekkies and annoy everyone else. Live long, download, and prosper!

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