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Hard copy: Choose what to print from the main screen. iPhone limitations don’t let apps get direct access to the Mobile Safari or Mail apps, so Print & Share has its own browser and email programs, which you must use to print webpages or email messages. You can also exchange files with the same computer that you use to print. Save files on your iPhone to print or read later, and share them with others via email.


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Paper tiger: Select the stuff to commit to paper, and Print & Share searches the network to find a computer with the companion WePrint software installed. If you’re not on the same WiFi network but you know the computer’s Internet address, just type it in to connect from anywhere in the world, firewalls allowing. Select your printer, and send your files, contacts, pictures, and webpages on their way.

Print n Share
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Print n Share

Version: 3.3.4
Website: EuroSmartz

Liberate contacts, webpages, email, photos, and documents from your tiny touchscreen and onto the printed page. With the help of free software installed on your Mac or PC, Print & Share can talk to any printer connected to that computer when you’re on the same WiFi network—or even, conditions permitting, from anywhere on the Internet. The app doubles as a document briefcase, letting you swap and read files from your computer.

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