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Big brains: Sculptors, neurologists, graphic designers, TV producers, world leaders, and bonafide geniuses are just some of the people you’ll encounter in these TED talks, which are reliably mind-bending and inspiring.

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Known and not: Many speakers are celebrities; others are unknown outside their field. All are passionate about their subject, and you’ll be surprised how easily you’re persuaded of the urgency of topics you’ve never considered before—the anatomy of the gecko or the ingredients of dry wall.

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Version: 1.2
Website: VenueM

Since 1984, the TED conference (short for Technology, Entertainment, Design) has challenged the world’s smartest people “to give the talk of their lives” in just 18 minutes. This app streams the audio and video archives of those talks to your iPhone or iPod Touch, letting you listen in on the ideas that excite our culture’s leading thinkers in the realms of science, art, government, design, and business. Fascinating and informative.

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