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Prep Your Puzzle: Get started by downloading a puzzle from one of the app’s many sources, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and others. Once downloaded, puzzles are stored in the game itself, so you don’t need a network connection to work on them. (The app can download the daily New York Times puzzles only if you’re a subscriber to the paper’s premium crossword service.)


2 Across Screenshot

Gridskipping: Swipe the screen to move around the puzzle, or pinch to zoom in or out. Tap a square to select it, and tap again to toggle between down and across. In the “split” view shown here, the bottom panel highlights the clue for the selected square. Tap the pencil to summon the keyboard and type an answer. Not sure? Tap the check-mark icon to see if an answer is correct or to reveal a letter, word, or the entire grid.

2 Across
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2 Across

Version: 2.0
Website: Instant Cocoa

Disciples of the squares, look no further. With 2 Across, you can pluck any of thousands of crossword puzzles from the archives of major papers and work them over on your iPhone or iPod. The app’s efficient navigation and flexible puzzle views make it an ideal companion for crossword fans. It’s forgiving, too: If you’re not sure of an answer, pencil in your letters (instead of using darker “ink”) or add multiple letters to a square.

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I think there is a problem with the script or something with some of the puzzles.

I've used and loved this app for years going back to my Palm Pilot. It was the first app I bought for my iPhone. Of late, it's gone haywire and is unusable. When you leave a puzzle, half of the time it forgets your progress. It's become more frustrating than fun.

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