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Image-conscious: The app’s main menu lets you search for images from across the Web, or tap into streams of topical photos (news, entertainment, sports, tech, and so on). Customize Cooliris with photos from accounts at photo sites Flickr or Picasa, or add a Twitter account for visual tweet browsing.

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Bricks in the wall: Choose a channel, and Cooliris papers your screen with photos. Flick or swipe to scan the “wall” for more photos, and the app keeps going and going, loading a practically endless supply of images to browse. Enable the app’s tilt feature to tip your iPhone back and forth to scroll through images.

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Ripped from the headlines: The app’s several news and entertainment channels show photos and videos from the Web’s real-time news stream, a nifty way to get a visual sense of what’s happening in the world right now.

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Details: Tapping an image enlarges it and shows its full caption; tap the caption to read the source webpage or article. The toolbar lets you post a link to Twitter, mark the photo as a favorite, save it to your camera roll, or share it via email. Tap the image again to get a closer look, or pinch to zoom in and out.

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Search: Cooliris doesn’t limit you to its pre-fab photo and video feeds. Search YouTube or any of the big image search engines for the keywords of your choice—hippos, for example.

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Top Pick


Version: 1.5
Website: Cooliris

Cooliris gives a whole new meaning to “wallpaper,” giving you an infinite wall plastered with fab photos, music videos, Twitter posts, YouTube confections, and a firehose of real-time photo journalism. Mix in feeds of your own photos and custom image searches, and the result is a compact browser for visual inspiration — and a novel way to keep up with the latest news, entertainment, and social-media activity.

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