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Browse at will: Once connected to your home computer, the app lets you browse photos very much like the built-in Photos app. Tap a photo to select it — here a photo from a trip to Ireland — then pinch to zoom in and out, swiping from photo to photo. Tap the Play button to watch the current collection as a slideshow, or tap the Action button to save the photo to your iPhone’s camera roll.


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It Hearts iPhoto: Simplify Photo can flip through any photo collection by date (or “timeline”), folder, or GPS location, but it’s especially savvy with iPhoto for Mac. The app lets you browse iPhoto albums, events, faces, and places. Here, you see those options for one computer’s iPhoto collection. The app lets you connect to several different computers, either your own or your friends’.


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Thumbnail previews: Albums and folders are listed by title and labeled with easy-to-scan thumbnails of the first photo in each collection. Tap an album to browse thumbnails of the complete collection, then tap an individual thumbnail to see the photo up close.


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Where in the world: If your photos are “geotagged” with location information, Simplify Photo lets you browse them on a world map. Swipe and pinch to move around the map, and tap a pin to see the number of photos taken at that location. Tapping the arrow icon lets you browse that location’s collection of photos, handy for reliving long-lost vacation moments.

Simplify Photo
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Simplify Photo

Version: 1.1.1
Website: Simplify Media

If your ginormous collection of photos is too big to fit the petite confines of your iPhone or iPod Touch, just leave ’em on your home computer. Simplify Photo connects to your photo library to browse your snaps over the Internet from anywhere you go. Install the app’s software on your desktop computer, sign up for a free Simplify Media account, and you’re set. Similar to the Simplify Music app, this one lets you privately share your photo collection with up to 30 other Simplify users.

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