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Groupthink: The app displays your contact groups as tabs down the left side. Add new groups or contacts by tapping the + button, and drag contacts into a new group by drag and drop, shown here. A numbered badge next to each contact shows how many groups that person belongs to. Tap the badge to remove the contact from one or more of the groups, or tap a name to call, email, or edit contact info for that person.


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Stacked cards: Tap and hold the screen with two fingers to switch to multi-contact mode. From there, tap multiple contacts to select them, and drag ’em all to a new group at once, as shown here. Tap Remove to drop the selected contacts from the current group. For tidy Rolodex hygiene, Groups also lets you prune duplicate contacts: Select the dupes, and tap Merge to combine their info into a single contact.


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All together now: Tap and hold a group’s tab to summon batch actions, including an option to map every contact in the group. (If you have a group for restaurants, this is a great way to find a nearby favorite.) Especially handy: Send email to an entire group with just one tap, a feature missing from the Contacts and Mail apps. (You’re not committed to mailing to the whole group; the app lets you cherry-pick the contacts you want.)


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Smart Groups: Groups comes preloaded with several smart groups (indicated by a violet color), including collections for browsing contacts by business, birthday, and nickname. Other helpful smart groups collect contacts who are missing phone numbers, email addresses, or photos, helping you identify gaps in your Rolodex.


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Build your own: Add your own smart groups to filter your contacts by any criteria you choose. Build groups to gather contacts for specific cities or companies, or with birthdays in the next week, or with notes that contain a specific keyword, or any of a jillion other combinations. Once configured, you can work with your smart group just like any other group, using it for batch emails and maps.

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Version: 1.3.1
Website: Guided Ways Technologies

Who do you know in this company or that city? Groups tells you in a hurry, listing contacts by company, city, even birthday. The app makes it easy to organize your address book into groups, either by manual drag and drop, or by “smart groups” which gather contacts based on your criteria. Your edits sync automatically with the built-in Contacts app, and batch actions can send email to an entire group, or map all of its contacts.

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