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Survival kit: In a clever gimmick that surfaces wikiHow’s most curious articles, the app comes with a “survival kit” loaded with how-tos to manage a variety of life-threatening situations. These are fun reads, but unless you regularly find yourself falling out of airplanes, you’ll find the app’s search function much more useful. Type in a topic (jumpstart, smoke rings, badminton, buffalo wings, breaststroke), and wikiHow tells you how to do it.


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Step by step: Like any collection of publicly contributed content, wikiHow’s content varies in quality, but most articles provide a remarkable amount of useful detail. Each how-to guide documents the steps, tips, and caveats to observe to complete your project. Photos help explain the job at hand, and many articles helpfully include video, too.

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Bitten by a rattlesnake? Stumped by a wallpapering project? Flummoxed by a mustard stain? Don’t panic: WikiHow has the advice you need to get out of your jam. The app serves advice from, the Wikipedia of how-to manuals, with over 60,000 detailed articles contributed by the site’s community of do-it-yourselfers. From car repair to relationship advice, the app offers confident answers to a dizzying range of dilemmas.

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Hi, Jack Herrick here. I'm the founder of wikiHow. And not surprisingly, I agree that the wikiHow app is a must have app.

One additional thing which is somewhat unusual for about the wikiHow iPhone app is that we open source our code. Our code is available under the free, libre MIT license if you want to download it and modify it. Link here:

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