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Look it up: Type a foreign word to look up its meaning in English, or vice versa. Here, typing “succeed” in the French translation dictionary yields several French parallels, along with example phrases. Tap a word to find out more about it. For verbs, the dictionary offers conjugations, letting you know how to say a word in the whole gamut of language tenses.


Ultralingua Screenshot

Quick numbers: The app offers a calculator-like number pad for showing the written equivalent in either English or the other language.

Top Pick

Ultralingua Translation Dictionaries

Website: Ultralingua

At 20 bucks a pop, Ultralingua’s translation dictionaries command a premium price, and for good reason. With up to 250,000 entries, these tomes are comprehensive resources for translating words back and forth from other languages, with word definitions, verb conjugations, and helpfully, a numbers translator. Individual dictionary apps are available to translate between English and six languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin.

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