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Fellow travelers: When you tell Dopplr about a planned trip, the app tells you who in your Dopplr network will be nearby—either at home or on the road—when you visit that city. Tap to view the list of people who will be in town; from there, Dopplr lets you contact them or review their own upcoming travel plans.


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Local attractions: Dopplr lists hotels, restaurants, and attractions for cities around the world. Tap an icon to show markers for the selected type of business. Green bars indicate popularity among Dopplr travelers, checkboxes indicate places you’ve visited, and stars show places you’ve liked. Tap a marker to get the full info or browse its reviews at

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When you’re on the road, Dopplr lets you know when you might cross paths with one of your pals. is a social networking site where frequent travelers share travel plans and advice. The app surfaces travel coincidences, telling you when trips bring you to the same city as a friend. Along the way, the app also helps you find hotels, restaurants, and attractions recommended by other Dopplr travelers, and share your own experiences, too.

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