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Inside the box: The app browses files and folders in your Dropbox account. Accounts are free for up to 2GB of data, with paid plans for larger amounts. The desktop software for Dropbox (Windows, Mac, and Linux) is also free. Tap a file to download and view it, or tap the camera icon to add a photo or video which automagically appears on all computers you use with Dropbox, plus those of people you share with.


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Read only: Dropbox offers read-only access to your files, so you can’t edit them with the app. Even so, it’s undeniably handy to have the latest versions of your most important files, or to review changes in team-edited documents. You can browse all of the most popular file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, even music files. Tap the star to mark the file as a favorite, or tap the envelope to email a link to the file.


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Fave files: When you mark files as favorites, Dropbox not only displays them on the Favorites screen, but the app also saves them for offline viewing. (All other files remain online and have to be downloaded before you can look ’em over.) A red badge on the Favorites icon indicates if any of the files have changed, and an orange warning icon shows which one. Tap the download arrow icon to freshen up with the latest version.


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Photo galleries: Dropbox is a nifty way to share photos when you’re on the road. When you add photos to a folder inside Dropbox’s Photos folder, you can use the desktop or Web version of Dropbox to send a Web link to that folder to anyone you like. When friends visit that link, they see a Web slideshow. Send the link to Mom before you go on vacation, and then pump your photos into Dropbox to share your photos along the way.


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Slideshow: Tap a photo file, and Dropbox gives you a full-screen slideshow similar to the standard Photos app. Swipe left or right to move forward or backward through the other photos in the current folder, or tap the See All button at top right to view thumbnail images of all the photos. Like any other Dropbox file, you can share or favorite photos by tapping the envelope or star icon respectively.

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Version: 1.0.1
Website: Dropbox

Dropbox offers quick access to the latest version of important or shared files. The app talks to, a service for syncing files among multiple computers—perfect for folks who scramble between home, work, and laptop computers or who collaborate with a team. Add or edit a file in your special Dropbox folder on one computer, and the file updates automatically on the rest, including your iPhone, so you’re always up to date.

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First, this app is great. For free, I get 2gigs on their site which opens on iPhone and can easily stay sync'd across multiple computers.

OK, I never do stuff like this -- but I installed their sync tool.

And now I copy files w/browser from school, work, etc --> and they are available on my iPhone and immediately synch at home.

It's great.

I think computers were supposed to work like this, more or less, but someone forgot to do this -- hard drives will die, but we want our important data to persist.

I wont lie, this kinda confused me.. What going on over here?

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