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Just the Fax: The app’s home screen offers several ways to construct your fax. Tap New Fax to build it from scratch with camera photos or typed text, or send a Word, Excel, or PDF file by tapping Fax Document. Review previous faxes by tapping Sent Fax, where you can also copy or resend earlier faxes. FinarX uploads documents to an online service, which in turn sends the fax at reasonable rates (a pay-as-you-go account is required).


FinarX Fax Screenshot

From scratch: Tap Add Page, and finarX lets you create a new page by taking a photo, choosing an image from your photo library, or typing a message. The app builds your cover page automatically, using the recipient info you select from your iPhone contacts. The app is fussy about fax-number formatting can be fussy, and you must include the country code (+1 for US). Tap Send to fire it off, and your fax arrives within minutes.


FinarX Fax Screenshot

Portable scanner: Slurp up new pages by “scanning” them with the iPhone camera. As usual, good light goes a long way, but even under so-so conditions, FinarX does a good job of cleaning up the results. The muddy low-contrast image shown here, for example, becomes a sharp, high-contrast black and white image in the final fax. Drag the green crosshair selectors to the document corners, and FinarX straightens the image for you.


FinarX Fax Screenshot

Preview: FinarX offers a preview option to flip through the processed results for each page, letting you zoom in and out with the usual pinch gesture. Beware of shaky hands: The final quality of each page depends on the steadiness of the original image. A typical result for a scanned page is shown here. The text is readable but distressed, like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.


FinarX Fax Screenshot

Slinging documents: Instead of building faxes from scratch, you can also send prepared documents (PDF, Word, Excel, or JPEG). Alas, iPhone limitations prevent finarX from sending email attachments. Instead, you have to load documents to the app by connecting to another computer on the same WiFi network. Turn on the “server switch” to receive a Web address where other computers can swap files with your iPhone.

FinarX Fax
Top Pick

FinarX Fax

Version: 2.0.0
Website: FinarX

Despite a quaint dependence on tree pulp and phone lines, faxes somehow persist, but that doesn’t mean you still need a full fax machine. FinarX faxes PDF, Word, Excel, and image files right from your iPhone and even “scans” pages with the camera. Like a fax itself, finarX isn’t pretty but does the job: The app is marred by typos and lingering German (the developers are from Frankfurt), but it offers the best fax quality among similar apps.

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