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What’s on the menu? Tell Wine Steward what you’re eating, and it suggests several wines to try, along with a percentage rating showing the app’s confidence. Wine pairings are very literally a matter of taste, of course, and the app reveals a decided preference for pinots, but even when the top pick isn’t what you’re in the mood for, one of the other suggestions will almost certainly point you in the right direction.


Wine Steward Screenshot

Wine wisdom: Tap a wine to get a description of the grape or region. Some of the entries are brief, like the pinot gris entry shown here, while others are practically essay-length dissertations. Tap a star at the bottom of the screen to rate the suggestion and help improve pairings.


Wine Steward Screenshot

Taste tester: The Personalize screen asks questions about your tastes to help tailor suggestions to your wine preferences. Questions vary from the practical (“Do you like finding wine bargains?”) to more abstract matters of flavor (“Cherries or plums?”).


Wine Steward Screenshot

Wine journal: After you’ve drained your bottle, jot down your thoughts about the wine in the app’s journal to help remember the hits and misses. You can add photos of wine labels, too, which triggers a fun browsing feature in the app: Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch on its side to browse your wines by label, just like you can browse album covers in the built-in iPod app.


Wine Steward Screenshot

Wines of the world: See what food and wine others are trying around the world. Pairings and wines bubble up from the planet’s surface as someone in Chicago has a steak and zinfandel while a Californian samples sushi and champagne (your own pairings and location show up, too). OK, so it might not be wildly useful, but the feature is oddly hypnotic and helps inspire food and wine pairings you might not have considered.

Wine Steward
Top Pick

Wine Steward

Version: 1.1

Don't know syrah from sangiovese? Wine Steward helps you out, suggesting wines to match what you're eating. The app knows an astounding number of dishes, offering wine pairings for food as varied as beef wellington, orange cuttlefish, bread pudding, or bacon and eggs. It doesn't recommend specific wines, but rather the type of wine. It points you to the right page of the wine list, in other words, and you take it from there.

Honorable Mention


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Wine happy: Cellar Rat’s cute icons indicate whether a region’s wines are worth trying for specific vintages. A toothy grin tells you it’s a must-buy, while a green Mr. Yuk suggests that you pass it by. The app’s two screens organize regions by Europe and everywhere else. Swipe up and down to see more regions, or left and right to see more years. Flip it on its side for landscape view.

Cellar Rat

Cellar Rat

Version: 1.01

Cellar Rat scurries into the wine roundup with a simple but useful crib sheet to tell you how various wine regions fare for specific vintages. Whip out your iPhone or iPod Touch when you're at the wine shop or browsing the wine list to see whether 1998 was a good year for Napa Valley (it wasn't), or whether you should instead try a 1999 bottle from Oregon's Wilamette Valley (yes!). Cellar Rat rates over 60 regions worldwide for wines since 1990 with a quick at-a-glance format.

Honorable Mention

Version: 2.1.1
Website: is a vast, detailed wine reference, with online access to and its database of more than half a million wines, including nearly a million reviews contributed by the site's community of wine enthusiasts. Search for wines to see details, ratings, and reviews for specific vintages, and use the app to track your personal wine collection and tasting sessions. The app will likely overwhelm wine novices but provides a terrific resource for serious wine geeks.

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There are so many great wine apps now on the iPhone (>50 !!).

Drync Wine is one of the top apps that helps you "research and remember" wine. Find your wine from our over 1 million bottle database, read from over 250,000 professional reviews and winemakers notes, and record tasting notes for future reference. You can also share wines and buy wine online.

Check us out!


Wine iPhone apps are almost as diverse as wines themselves - very fun!

Hello Vino is a free app that helps you with wine suggestions for food pairings, occasions and gifts, or even popular wines from different regions of the world. Download at:

We also just incorporated wine results, ratings, and reviews (both professional and by customers) from! Now, you can research that bottle of wine in the store or at the restaurant to help with your purchase decision.


Hello Vino

Usefull wine app list indeed!
There is one missing though when it comes to tasting notes (besides, it is a free app) : Taste A Wine for iPhone.
I have tried over 7 different tasting note apps (including paying ones) and it is by far the best. It really conveys the feeling that is was made by wine tasters for wine tasters.
I can only advise you to try it for yourself by downloading it here

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