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Bargains: The map shows nearby businesses offering AAA discounts (you can see other areas by swiping the map to any location in the US or Canada). Tap a pin to see its name, and tap again for business details, including contact info and the discount offered. Tap List to see a text view of the mapped businesses. The app can also offer driving directions and a highlighted route to the selected location.


AAA Discounts Screenshot

Focus your search: You can winnow displayed results by category from the app’s Settings screen. Tap an icon to select or deselect the categories; when you return to the map, only matching businesses are displayed.

AAA Discounts
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AAA Discounts

Version: 1.1
Website: American Automobile Association

The AAA auto club offers more than just an occasional tow. Members can cash in on discounts at 100,000 business in the US and Canada, and this app shows you where to go, mapping the closest participating businesses. It’s a convenient way to find restaurants or hotels when you’re traveling. Tucked away in the back of the app, you’ll also find a screen to get roadside assistance, but the app’s main goal is connecting you with bargains.

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