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Restroom radar: SitOrSquat’s map shows you the closest points of relief, anywhere in the world. Green and red icons indicate open and closed businesses (yellow means the database doesn’t have that info). Select a business to see complete details, including photos, comments, and whether the facilities are clean (“sit”) or dirty (“squat”).


SitOrSquat Screenshot

Porcelain Oasis? Ratings and reviews let you know what you’re getting into before heading for the stall, and you can likewise leave your own review to praise or, um, poo-poo the rest stop. The app’s search features also let you filter results for cleanliness, business type, or a remarkable number of “features” (changing tables, handicap access, seat covers, and more).

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Version: 4.0

When nature calls, it’s SitOrSquat to the rescue. The database of public restrooms steers you to the closest porcelain oasis, including photos and ratings from a network of concerned citizens. The info is only as good as its contributors, of course, and that includes you: Update listings with photos, store hours, and ratings, or add new toilets as you explore your town’s powder rooms. It’s a full-service porta-potty for your mobile phone.

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