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FluxTunes Screenshot

The big screen: FluxTunes turns your entire screen into an iPod controller. Swipe left or right to go to the next or previous song, tap to play or pause, and swipe up or down to control volume. Other gestures let you skip between playlists, listen to your entire library, or change the shuffle mode. Throughout, the app displays the current song in large text, letting you check what’s playing with just a quick glance.


FluxTunes Screenshot

Flux in a flash: A quick reminder of FluxTunes’ gestures is just a tap away, as shown here. The app’s settings let you change a few behaviors, too. You can switch the swipe direction for previous/next song, or change the amount of time before the screen dims. FluxTunes conveniently prevents the screen from locking, leaving touch controls available at all times so you never have to fumble with your phone to control your music.

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Version: 1.1
Website: Quokka Studios

Hurtling down the freeway or snowboarding a mountain isn’t exactly the ideal moment for long contemplation of your iPhone screen. FluxTunes takes the danger out of flipping songs when you should keep your eyes on the road (or the slopes), letting you touch-control your music without looking. Swipe to change tunes, volume, or playlists. Among similar apps (FlickTunes, Car Tunes, and others), FluxTunes gets the nod for its intuitive controls and polished interface.

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