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Middleground: After providing your two addresses, MeetMe asks you what kind of place you’re looking for, including restaurants, nightlife, hotels, shopping, and more. It shows matching results clustered around the midway point in either a list or map view. Nudge the slider to move the meeting spot closer to one address or the other. Tap a location to view details, including customer ratings and reviews from Yelp.


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Getting there: After you choose your spot, MeetMe offers to email driving directions from either of the two addresses, an easy way to cinch the meet-up.

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Version: 1.0.2
Website: Basara

Forget juggling busy schedules; the toughest part of setting a meeting or having a coffee is often just figuring out where to do it. Halfway between you and them is good, but um, what’s a good place in that neighborhood? MeetMe is a practical little app that answers exactly that question. Give it two addresses, and it shows places near the middle mark. MeetMe plucks its info from, which means you also get Yelp’s helpful customer reviews and ratings. (Alas, that also means MeetMe works only in the US, Canada, Ireland, and UK.)

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