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That's how I roll: Flick your ball up the ramp and hit the targets to earn points. The basics are easy, but the game is tougher than it looks and even requires some strategy and exploration to uncover all the targets. With just nine balls per round, obsession quickly sets in as you try to meet all the goals presented by each of the game’s four ramps. (The app offers sets of additional ramps for 99 cents per pack of two.)


Ramp Champ Screenshot

Claim your prize: Just like Skee-Ball on the boardwalk, Ramp Champ churns out tickets after each game. The higher your score, the more tickets you get. Take them to the virtual store to redeem for digital delights displayed on the pegboard prize wall. The Loot screen shows off your treasures, along with trophies won by completing game goals. It’s all surprisingly satisfying; nothing says “winner” like a hard-won pair of bunny ears.

Ramp Champ
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Ramp Champ

Version: 1.0.1
Website: Ramp Champ by The Iconfactory

You can practically smell the popcorn and taste the cotton candy when you fire up Ramp Champ, a charming and addictive homage to the old-school midway arcade. Ramp Champ is a kind of Skee-Ball shooting gallery, giving you targets to hit with a ball you hurtle up a ramp by flicking the screen. With its meticulous graphics and carny music, the game oozes atmosphere, and its challenging gameplay will keep you rolling for hours.

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I love this game.
Tons of fun.
Its why my girl wanted an iPhone!

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