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Personal history: Contacts Journal lists your contact-specific activities on individual contact screens. The To-Do and Favors tabs let you note next steps or bank good deeds. You can also view interactions and tasks for all contacts at once for a big-picture view of all your people-specific to-dos and to-dones. The app syncs with the Contacts app, giving you one-tap options to call, text, or email anyone from their detail screen.


Contacts Journal Screenshot

Log Rolling: The app’s log screen keeps things simple to encourage quick journal entries. Jot down every interaction to track clients’ personal info, client deliverables, the appetizer they chose at lunch, whatever—any info you might want to remember later. The somewhat misnamed Title field is really a field to enter the meeting type, offering a prefab list of interactions (lunch, phone, email, meeting, and so on).

Contacts Journal
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Contacts Journal

Version: 1.0.1

When your memory of meetings, project work, and casual chit-chat starts to blur, Contacts Journal brings things into focus. The app blends a professional diary into your Roledex, giving you a simple method to track interactions, amounting to a personal customer relationship management (CRM) system. Log conversations and milestones for individual contacts to build an at-a-glance personal history: When did you last speak, and what did you talk about? The app also tracks contact-specific to-dos and even favors owed and given.

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I have a Verizon account and I'm not able to review sent and received texts online...nor am I able to view AIM messages online. The only thing that I can think of is that her parents are looking at her phone for the text and possible her AIM on the computer for her AIM

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