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Song and dance: Tap or drag across the screen to make Bebot sing. Every location on the screen plays a different pitch and volume, and you can use up to four fingers to play multiple sounds at once. You can change Bebot’s voice with a wide range of settings; tap the arrow at bottom right to bring up the control panel.

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Not a toy robot: Use one of several preset voices, or rig your own settings, adding echo or reverb, changing the scale, limiting playback to certain notes, and more. There’s some serious sound nerdery under the hood, but mere mortals can figure out the gist with a bit of trial and error (and even the error part is fun).

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Version: 1.5
Website: Normalware

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Bebot is adorable. Tap or slide your finger around the screen, and your animated robot sings and warbles. Cute! But don’t let all this sweetness lull you into dismissing Bebot’s ability. Beneath its precious exterior is a sophisticated sound synthesizer with a pile of options to turn your iPhone into a versatile music machine. Bebot delights the kids, sure, but it’ll engage musicians and sound enthusiasts, too.

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