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Monster mash: Slide-a-ma-jig comes with over 25 characters, each with five parts you can shuffle. Swap heads, bodies, legs, feet, and headgear to create over 14 million different creatures. Swipe the body part to slide, or shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to get a random combination. Drum stings and wacky sound effects accompany your every move.


Slide-a-ma-jig Screenshot

Change of scene: You control not only the foreground character but also the background. The app comes with 20 different scenes; tap the button at lower left to bring up a new photo backdrop from moonscapes to street scenes. The arrows in the top corners cycle through the app’s characters, fresh and ready for scrambling.

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Version: 1.0.5
Website: Lucky Radish Amusements

Remember your childhood mix-n-match books? Each page had a character sliced into strips, and you flipped the strips to combine them into zany new creations. (Obama’s head on Limbaugh’s belly? Stop the madness!) Slide-a-ma-jig reinvigorates that childhood magic with whimsical and wonderfully drawn figures, combined with a symphony of cartoon sound effects. Kids love it, and adults will find it hard to resist, too.

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Oh, yes! Oh, yes! I have this. My grandkids and I take turns using it. It is a learning experience. I am old and they need me to have MORE turns!

I love this app. It keeps my kids entertained so well! It's so much fun!

Glad to see this here! We've been enjoying it for several weeks. Great on car rides and we LOVE the updates.

Thought I'd include a bit more info about Slide-a-ma-jig's creator, Chuck Gamble. I discovered Slide-a-ma-jig after Chuck got in touch with me this summer to let me know about his creation, which he says he was inspired to create for his own kids:

In my own efforts to make my iPhone more useful I decided to create something for my daughters to play with. Slide-a-ma-jig was inspired by those old mix-n-match cards sets I had as a kid. As I started working up drawings I was reminded of what I DIDN’T like about those card sets… the characters were only divided into 3 parts and those parts didn’t always match up very well. So I worked really hard at improving that formula by dividing the characters into 5 parts and making sure the parts matched up as flawlessly as possible.…By the way… my daughters are actually in the game as the Herpetologist and the BubbleGum Wrangler.

Chuck's an animator, designer, artist and, of course, iPhone programmer from Chippewa Falls, WI. You can find out more about his latest adventures (and his company Lucky Radish Studio) in this profile from a local magazine: Chuck's Good Luck.

My kids love the Slide-a-ma-jig. We were in the car for 3 hours and didn't hear a peep from them, except laughter. Finally a game for kids that is fun and entertaining and not violent...And, it didn't cost much...99 cents. Wow! Thank you Mr. Gamble.

Chuck Gambles mother-in-law sent me the link to this website. I couldn't wait to get the app. We have had so much fun with it already and we've only had it for 2 days. The drawings are fabulous. My kids love it.

Thanks Mother-in-Law! Now I'm embarrassed... I assume she also told you about how I won the spelling bee back in 5th grade and that I am very creative with my hair-styling?

yes, the application is great, another application which is a must have in my opinion is MobileNavigator for iphone, that`s really cool.

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