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You’re the editor: The main Instapaper screen presents your handpicked reading list. Here’s how it gets there: When you sign up for a free Instapaper account, the service gives you a special bookmark to add to your web browser. When you stumble onto a web page you want to save for later, choose the bookmark, and Instapaper grabs the page. When you next check your iPhone, the page is there waiting for you.


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Just the text: In its standard settings, the app strips out all ads, pictures, and design from your saved pages, so you can sink into the article text and focus. You can read in either portrait or landscape view. The pro version also lets you: organize and archive articles into category folders; share favorites; browse recommended reading when you run out of your own; and scroll through text by tilting your phone (great for one-handed reading).

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Instapaper Pro

Version: 2.1.1
Website: Instapaper

When you don’t have time (or attention) to read that loooong article you found online, park it at Instapaper and come back later. It’s a simple, free service to store web pages for future reading—no Internet connection required. Instapaper’s iPhone app fetches those articles from your account and holds them until you’re ready to focus. Even better, it strips out all the graphics, ads, and gobbledygook on the web page, giving you plain text without the distractions.

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